Garbage Guts


Aria the Albatross has a problem: She and her seabird friends are barfing up our discarded garbage. Determined to find out why, she sets out on a long-distance flight across the Pacific Ocean. On her journey, she meets other wildlife troubled by trash. Sea Turtle is choking on a plastic bag, Monk Seal is trapped in a strapping band, and Humpback Whale is tangled in ghost fishing nets.

Aria masters both wind and waves, seeking the causes of marine debris and witnessing its tragic effects. Read more

About Heidi Auman, Ph.D.

Dr. Heidi Auman has studied human effects on seabirds for much of the past twenty-five years. A pioneer on the research of plastic ingestion, she lived on Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge in 1993–2000, studying the effects of marine debris and contaminants on Laysan albatross. Heidi has also explored plastic ingestion in subantarctic and Tasmanian seabirds, chemical pollutants in Great Lakes birds, and the effects of junk food on urban gulls. She has demonstrated that our ecological footprint has reached the farthest corners of the earth, often with disturbing consequences.
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Excerpt from the Book

Aria the Albatross was about to barf. On her faraway island home, she groaned with a bellyache. Read more

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ISBN: 9781457530555
64 pages